Naturopathic Consultation*

Initial Visit 1hour • Follow-up Visit 30 minutes

Your initial visit at Fertility Oasis involves a complete naturopathic medicine evaluation, lab requisitions, supplement suggestions, and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.




Combining acupuncture with naturopathic medicine increases your potential to having a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby, and decreases the time needed to obtain a healthy pregnancy.



Prices Vary

Supplements of herbal and vitamin origin will be prescribed to support the body in the preconception care time period. Fertility Oasis uses an all natural approach to hormone balancing which is enhanced and improved with nutraceuticals.


Abdominal Massage

At Home, No cost Self Care •

Currently not offered as an in house service, Fertility Oasis will provide instructions for at home use on how to massage the abdomen to correct pelvic floor problems. Pelvic floor issues are often seen in women having difficulty conceiving. Mayan massage is an ancient technique that corrects pelvic floor issues for ease of conception and birthing.

*Fertility Oasis is currently not providing with insurances. We can provide you with paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company.



To Book Your Oasis Experience:

Call our office to schedule your initial visit with Dr. Kerr.